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On View Until May 12th

Contemporary Glass Sculpture

Contemporary Glass Sculpture: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Studio Glass

Glass has been used to make treasured objects for thousands of years. Throughout this time, its production has required teams of skilled craftsmen and considerable investments in factory or workshop facilities...

On View Until Jun 30th

Aztec to Zapotec II

Aztec to Zapoctec II: Selections from the Ancient Americas Collection

Aztec to Zapotec: Selections from the Ancient Americas Collection features more than 180 works made prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans during the late 15th and early 16th centuries...

On View Until Jun 30th

Living in Style: African Art of Everyday Life

Living in Style: African Art of Everyday Life from the Collection of William D. and Norma Canelas Roth

Living in Style presents beautifully crafted functional objects created by both men and women from traditional African societies throughout the continent...

On View Until Jun 30th

Currents in Contemporary Art

Currents in Contemporary Art: Process and Materials

The OMA has been collecting contemporary American art for more than 30 years. A hallmark of contemporary art of the past three decades is its diversity and acceptance of varied approaches to creating art...

On View Until Jun 30th

Life Stories

Life Stories: American Portraits Past and Present

The artist’s task in creating an exceptional portrait must be more than rendering an accurate likeness of the subject. The artist must find a story to tell about the subject and make that story compelling...

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