Orlando Museum of Art

03/01 - 04/29/2012

Traversing \ Suburban: Michael Dax Iacovone & Billy Friebele

Traversing\Suburban: Michael Dax Iacovone & Billy Friebele

Michael Dax Iacovone and Billy Friebele, founders of Washington, D.C.’s Freespace Collective, investigate our experience with both physical and virtual spaces. For their exhibition Traversing\Suburban, Iacovone and Friebele create site-responsive work that examines the everyday spaces of Orlando in new ways. The exhibition combines videos, maps and photographs comparing the artists’ experiences of real and virtual sites.

The artists explore both Disney World and Celebration, a master-planned suburban community that was conceived and developed by the Walt Disney Company. Iacovone and Friebele traverse the locations through Google Street View mapping technology and via photographs archived online. Then, the artists visit Disney and Celebration prior to the exhibition to create a series of videos documenting their navigation through the actual places mirroring exactly the same patterns of movement as the virtual walks. The videos, maps and photographs on the surrounding walls forces the viewer to consider their role within our suburban landscape and within built, artificial environments. Evocative of the psychogeography theorist Guy Debord, Iacovone and Friebele’s project creates a bizarre, uniquely suburban and decidedly macabre parable for our daily lives.

The Free Space Collective was founded by artists Billy Friebele and Michael Dax Iacovone who began working together on collaborative video projects in 2008 as graduate students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Free Space Collective focuses on community engagement, public spaces, mapping, and interactivity with an emphasis on collaboration. They have exhibited as a collective in Detroit, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Jatiwangi, Indonesia among other places. Free Space Collective is based in Washington, D.C.


  • Michael Dax Iacovone and Billy Friebele, Virtual\Actual: Disney, 2012, digital print, dimensions variable.
  • Michael Dax Iacovone and Billy Friebele, Virtual\Actual: Celebration, 2012, digital print, dimensions variable.
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